The refugee debate

Well, here we are in another moment of crisis, something this country and the world for that matter seems to have all the time these day. Humph, maybe it was always this way and we happen to notice it more during our own era.
Anyway, this new crisis has to do with the Syrians. Should they or shouldn’t they be allowed in OUR country. Okay, let’s see. Let’s discuss this. How, you might ask? I’m going to comment on both sides. Yep, that’s what I’m going to do if you want to keep reading. I’m going to say what people are thinking and speaking about in regards to the issue. Everyone thinks they’re right, but isn’t that the way it always is? Doesn’t everyone ALWAYS think their belief and response is the right one? Will this provide an answer or will it rock more ships and have each defending their side more?
The left side (independent liberal side, some of whom say they’re Christians)

What’s wrong with you people? You say you’re Christians and yet you want to keep decent people, namely Syrians this time, out of our country. What is wrong with you all? They’re not terrorists. These refugees need a place to go. They are human beings just like us.

We came to this country to escape the SAME kind of issues they are facing. Aren’t we all immigrants? The only ones who aren’t are the Native Americans and we slaughtered them for a spot here.

Our Statue of Liberty doesn’t say Christians only, and this IS the 21st century. Our forefathers came to this country for a better life. What if they were refused entry? If you are truly a Christian, what would Jesus do? Wasn’t HE salvation and love for ALL? Do we hearts and love our fellow man, or don’t we? How can we be selfish and not open our hearts and allow them entry and a good life like we are all blessed with? It’s not their fault their country is in the state it’s in.
Here’s the right side ( or the conservative staunch mostly Christian side)

What’s wrong with you people? You want to let MORE refugees into our country? Why, so we can take care of them too? Who’s footing this bill? Aren’t we already in debt in the trillions? Yes, we are, so guess what? Our taxes are what’s paying for these refugees. Yep, that’s right. WE ARE paying for these people.

What about all our homeless we have in this country already? A lot of whom are our military that put their lives on the line for you. Now, you want to allow more refugees into this country to take more of our jobs or even worse, to live off of us by receiving food stamps and welfare and free medical. What’s next? You want to allow them to move into our homes? Yes, and how about that? Why don’t you who are for allowing these refugees into our great country, welcome them into YOUR home. You take care of them and pay for all their needs with your personal income.

Our forefathers didn’t have this in mind when they fought and died for this country. Yes, that’s right. They fought and died, not you and not all these refugees that we are continually allowing to come here. And yes, it may not say Christians only on the Statue of Liberty, but that’s what they meant when they built the country. It was for religious freedom, but the religion was Christianity, which is now getting lost because of all these other religions trying to take over our country. Hell, I barely hear anyone speaking English anymore.

Our forefathers we’re proud to learn English and proud to be a part of this country and blend in with our ways and beliefs. Now, all these refugees do is bring their baggage with them and refuse to become a part of our culture at all. Our forefathers were citizens of this country and they ALL contributed and fought in our wars no matter where they were from. They didn’t expect to be taken care of by the government.

By the way, Native Americans may have been the first here, but they were not from here originally either.
Well, there you have it. I’m sure I missed comments both sides would say, but you get the gist of it. Does it change anything? Does it make one side more right or wrong? Probably not, but if you’re somewhat intelligent and reasonable, I think you may be able to see both sides. Maybe before we mouth off about what’s right, we should close our mouths, open our minds, and seriously consider everything before forming an opinion.

While the majority of us speak with our hearts immediately, we tend to forget there are consequences to this, and even though the heart feels, it needs to realize it need not be blind to everything else.

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