RIGHT VS WRONG…Which is Right

You hear people all the time … That’s right, or that’s wrong. Well, which is it and who’s correct?

There are the standards — it’s wrong to steal anything from another; it’s wrong to hurt others intentionally in any way; it’s wrong to kill; it’s wrong to lie; it’s wrong to cheat on a mate. Yes, there are many more, but you get the idea. We all have an opinion as to what is right or what is wrong.

You’d think those I mentioned above are simple. Yes, it’s wrong to do all those things. There are people who would disagree with you, though. It’s okay to lie isn’t it to protect someone’s feelings? It’s okay to take “that” because they ripped us off in the first place; I only took back what is rightfully mine; or my family is starving. I only took that little loaf of bread to feed my children. Cheating? Well, my spouse cheated, so now I can. It’s only fair.

We can justify anything if we really want to, which means there will always be a difference of opinion. So what boils down to right or wrong really is how you look at the situation, right? Again, wrong. Because wrong is wrong, isn’t it? But in whose opinion? Does the majority rule? I suppose when it comes to the law, they are always right. If you get a ticket, it’s your fault, isn’t it? Actually, not always. So, can this question ever be answered?

It’s the same with books, movies, songs, TV Shows, even clothing. Someone will tell you they hate that movie they just saw and you say you loved it. They will actually tell you you’re wrong and they’ll proceed to inform you as to why you’re wrong. It’s the same with a book they’ve just read. They’ll say, “Oh, wasn’t that the worst book you’ve ever read?” And you’ll say, “Why, no, I loved it.” So who’s right and who’s wrong?

People will actually fight over this and try to convince you to see their side. It always amazes me when people have an opinion about something it automatically turns into a who’s right or wrong argument. I think if we all just took a moment to calm down and think, we’d realize most things in this world are not 100 percent one way or another. If we could just decide to stop insulting another because they don’t see it our way, we’d all be a lot happier. A difference of opinion is just that, and unless it’s completely in color like picking up a weapon and hurting another, not for protection, but just because you felt like it, I don’t know too many individuals who’d be totally on your side.

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