Marcy: Rage
Marcy is riled, frightened and confused. Nightmares hound her by night and anger controls her by day. Her sudden mood changes drastically impact her life and her relationships, and the worst part is she doesn’t know the cause of these emotions. The love of her life becomes so frustrated that he issues her an ultimatum – either seek professional help or lose him.

After a traumatic experience of being held up at gunpoint on the same day she witnesses Brad, her love, with another woman, she is pushed over the edge. She finally decides to get the help she needs. She receives assistance from a psychiatrist and support from an unexpected second source – a stranger named Liam with whom she feels an inexplicable connection. On Liam’s own quest for revenge, he helps Marcy confront the violent tragedies of her past, uncover more answers than she could have ever imagined, and discover the source of her rage.

Marcy: Rage is the first installment in a series of Contemporary Women’s Fiction novels. It’s set in present day Manhattan, and in a hamlet on the north shore of Long Island, New York.

Coming in book two…
Marcy has choices to make. She’s learned of the reason for her nightmares. If she finally tells everyone about her tragic past, she’ll heal and eventually move on, or so she thinks; but she is still missing a large piece of the puzzle. Confusion lies ahead for Marcy as she questions a major decision she has made. Is it the right decision, or is she living a lie? Liam finally gets the information he’s been waiting for which takes him away from Marcy, while Brad deals with the aftermath of his revelation about his father and makes a shocking and difficult decision for him and Marcy.

Coming in book three…
Marcy’s still reeling from the decision Brad made. Even though she realizes it’s for the best, it doesn’t mean she has accepted it completely. Liam finally receives the revenge he’s wanted for the past eleven years, and wants nothing more than to move on with his life. After an informative therapy session with her psychiatrist, Dr. Bengali, and his warnings of concern about Marcy’s continuing nightmares and possible consequences of these nightmares, Liam becomes ill. After speaking with the doctor and on his advice, Liam opens up to Marcy in a way he never has before and refuses to leave her side. Eventually, Marcy’s nightmares come to a head, and the effects are shattering. Liam makes a decision that devastates their lives and turns Marcy’s world upside down. Choices are made, and Brad and Marcy meet again; however, they receive more shocking news.

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