Drones–A different version of Peeping Toms?

Most of us have likely heard about these newest flying objects, drones. When we hear this word, we think of high-tech surveillance as used by the military. It’s most likely where we first heard of them. Television programs use them as part of their plots, often. We are familiar with them, but only in these ways, right?

Wrong. Drones have now integrated into society as computers and lasers have before. Some of you may be too young, but computers were massive at one time and were only used in businesses. Smaller versions were eventually made, but were still used for business purposes only. Now, almost everyone, at least in the United States, have personal computers in their home, and more than one. Lasers, though not as prolific, are available to the consumer as well.

This is what’s starting to happen with drones. On a smaller scale than a military drone, personal ones are now available to purchase. These drones are controlled by a remote and work in a similar manner. Drones used in the military are used to spy on others from a distance. Personal drones are being used for the same purpose, but on a smaller scale.

Let’s face it … No one needs to be spying on their neighbors or anyone else, but it’s happening. Some will say their drone is a toy and they are flying it around by remote just like they fly an airplane or helicopter by remote control. It’s a toy, and that’s how they’re using it, but is this true? No, it’s not for two reasons. The first being the the drone comes with a camera and the second, people who own them have been caught flying it over a person’s house and into their backyard.

It used to be when we had a private backyard we felt secure in it and its’ offer of privacy. Some of us intentionally make our yards private for a reason; we don’t want our neighbors or passerby’s spying on us or even accidentally having a view. When a drone is flying overhead, it basically deletes the privacy aspect. You can say you literally have a pepping Tom in that drone. Of course we know it’s not the drones fault, but the person behind the drone; the operator of the remote. It’s no difference than that same person walking up to your window, or fence in this case, and peeking through it. Is this acceptable to you if you haven’t invited that person?

What if you decide you want to sunbathe in your backyard sans clothes–or maybe it’s your teenage daughter that is nude sunbathing? How would that make you feel? Would you think having this flying peeping Tom is acceptable, or would you be annoyed and want to destroy it?

I believe if we personally experienced this invasion, we’d probably all feel the same way, especially if we were caught doing something personal that we don’t want the neighbors to view. Our home is the only place left that affords us our privacy. Now with these drones that are available for purchase, we are starting to lose the last place in our very public lives (with microphones and recording devices, cell phones) to have aninimity. And think about it … If someone gets good enough at flying these objects, could the next step be having these flying peeping Tom’s behaving like the actual peeping Tom and hover around the windows of your home where maybe they see what’s happening on the inside? For all I know, this has happened to someone somewhere already! Where do we draw the line?

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