Drivers who own the Road, or so they think

Everyone reading this must have come across these kinds of drivers … You know, the ones that drive along as if they are the only person in the world who exists. They own the road and there isn’t another sole on it but them. They drive along with both hands firmly on the wheel looking straight ahead through their windshield with not a turn of their noggin to the right or left. They don’t even look in their rearview mirror to glance behind them. Why should they? They are the only drivers on the road, aren’t they?!

You know the ones I mean. You’ll see them occasionally when you are trying to enter a highway and they won’t move into the middle lane so you can merge easily, or slow down so you can squeeze in or even speed up so you can get in behind them. They’re the same ones who hog the far left lane when you are trying to get around them because they are driving at 55 miles per hour when the speed limit is 65. And you can bet they are the same ones who come almost to a complete stop when trying to merge onto a major highway.

But, do you know the worst time to cross paths with these drivers? When you enter a highway from another highway and traffic is moving at a good solid speed and there is a massive semi-truck entering from an on-ramp to the second highway which only consists of two lanes. This semi cuts right over directly inĀ front of you and there is nowhere for you to go except over to the left lane. You look behind you to the left and see the lone driver nonchalantly driving without a care in the world. They are there on earth directly behind you one lane over and yet they apparently don’t see the semi-truck about to slam into the side of your car. You have two options … Let the truck crush you or slip into the left lane next to you. Unfortunately, Mr. or Ms. Only Driver on the road won’t help you. They won’t move out of your way. They won’t speed up to allow you to get behind them, and they won’t slow down to allow you to move in front of them.

So what do you do? You step on the gas as hard as you can, veer sharply and quickly away from the truck and slip over in front of The Lone Driver so you can live for another day. However, this lone driver is annoyed that you actually avoided the massive truck because you interferred with their driving by startling them awake making them aware that they are in fact not alone on the road; there is actually another person in a vehicle who is in their way! How rude of you!

So they honk and honk at you and take their rigid hand off the wheel to wave this hand at you and mouth their displeasure with you. What do you do? Lift both your hands up in the air with the attitude of ‘oh well’ and point to the truck that was about to collide with you and crush you like a bug.

Did they really not see this horrific accident that was about to occur? You shake your head wondering if they are truly that obtuse, or maybe they just really are selfish and feel like the road is their own private property and you are intruding.

Anyone that behaves like you just committed a terrible crime because you tried to save your life by encompassing on their space, in my opinion, needs to stay clear of driving because they are a disaster waiting to happen and are most likely the cause of the majority of the accidents on the road.


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