FREE SPEECH FOR ALL (What happened to it?)

Enough is enough. Every year at this time I, along with millions of others, get extremely frustrated and angry. We are told by our businesses, our schools, our local government, a group of miscellaneous people, and specifically our Federal Government, that we cannot say Merry Christmas out loud to anyone. That’s bad enough, but we are also told we cannot hold a live Nativity Scene anymore as well.

Why? It offends people. It offends those people who live in this country that do not celebrate Christmas, that oppose Christianity entirely. First it started with the atheists saying ‘since we don’t believe in this God, specifically this Christ you worship (he is nonexistent), so portraying a Nativity scene is unfair to us. It bothers us’, and whatever other complaints they had. Now, we are told we can’t do Nativities by our own government because it also offends those people who live in these United States of America who don’t believe in our religion at all!

What the hell is next? Are we all going to be told we have to dress like those people too? Are we going to be offensive and disrespectful to them because of our clothing?

Where does this absurdity end? Does EVERYONE forget why this country was formed? Does not anyone read history anymore? Doesn’t anyone remember how many men fought and died to protect our freedom of religion? And don’t forget, the freedom of worshipping they were speaking of was Christianity. They didn’t think they had to be specific. They struggled to get here, and continued to struggle to maintain it. Everything in this country was written to and for God…under God, remember? Now, we are continually ordered not to include Him in our lives.

Okay, fine. Now that there are so many other cultures living here, and they came here for freedom, we allow them to worship and live their way. Again, part of our country’s motto; but why are we losing ourselves and our ways, our origins, our beliefs? Why can everyone else who comes to this country live the way they want, but we can’t anymore? Why is our freedom of religion and freedom of speech being stripped from us little by little, year after year, decade after decade? When is this insanity going to stop?

For the first time this year, I had someone openly, willingly, gladly, and warmly with sincerity say Merry Christmas to me. Last night, our local Fire Department, who drives around our entire community throughout the month of December with a fantastically decorated Fire Truck and a sleigh with Santa Claus, comes around with Christmas music playing collecting toys for underprivileged children and visiting all the kids in town. It’s a wonderful thing they do; but my point is this is the first ‘stranger’ I’ve met that said those fabulous words to me without fear and without hesitation–MERRY CHRISTMAS! It reminded me of when I was a child and even a teenager and how we shouted a Merry Christmas to everyone we met without fear of reprisal. To hear it again in this manner warmed my heart and soul. It reminded me of how special Christmastime was years ago, and how much I long for it again.

I have the heart of my mother. It is open and warm and giving. I have a lot of love to give to people who are genuine, loving, and warm in return. So when I say if people don’t like these United States of America’s way–our Christianity, our Christmas holiday, our LIVE Nativities, our words of greeting, then don’t live here. Live in some other country where their ways don’t offend you. If you don’t mind our Christmas Holiday, our traditions, our meaning, and we don’t upset you by shouting Merry Christmas and having our Nativities, then welcome. I, for one, would love to show you the same love and respect in return.

A special word to our government–STOP, STOP telling the citizens of this great country to desist and decease with their religious beliefs and practices. We’ve always done it this way. Our great-great and great grandparents and grandparents were happy and honored to travel to this country and keep those original traditions. They learned the ways, learned the language, and adapted to the country. They shared their culture with anyone who was interested, but it wasn’t shoved down anyone’s throats. This is the way it should still be. We are losing a little piece of what this country was founded on more and more each year. Considering how this century started out (and we all know to what year I’m referring–um 2001), I’m surprised by our government’s behavior.

I’m sad to say and even sadder to feel that these United States of America is anything but. We don’t feel and don’t behave as United anymore. We are split apart by the continuous influx of people from other countries who are robbing us of our ways…of our values and of our beliefs and we are allowing our government to support it.

I know it’s not everyone who moves here that is causing the problem. I don’t want it to sound like I’m blaming everyone. There are truly wonderful, intelligent people who move here because they want to live a free life with opportunities and without fear. It’s only those few bad, spoiled meats, that cause the trouble for us all–putting demands on us to cater to them and making sure they cause trouble if we don’t.

We all need to stand up, ban together, and keep our beliefs and traditions alive. If we don’t, we may all find that one day saying Merry Christmas and holding Live Nativities may be against the law.