A “Pen Name” to be or not to be? That is a good question.

As a writer, and thankfully, now as a published author, I’ve been wrestling with my choice of whether I should have used a pen name under which to write and publish novels. Many of the other authors I’ve met recently whether in person or by Facebook seem to use a name different from their own. Even my husband was concerned and wanted me to use a pen name. Another author mentioned to us that it helps to keep away the crazy people, though I can’t imagine why a crazy person would really be that interested in moi!

Anyway, I decided against this idea and used my real name. After all, I thought, I know a lot of people who know me by my real name. If I change it, wouldn’t it be harder to get attention for my work? Of course, everyone I would tell about my book, I’d have to give them the pen name anyway so they could find it, right?

Still, my author acquaintances reminded me that you never know if you may come across someone that isn’t all there (obviously they meant mentally), and that I should take precautions. I figured it wouldn’t matter if I had a Pen name or not. If someone wants to find you badly enough, with today’s technology and some computer geniuses who are in the “dark net”? I think they call it or maybe it’s “dark web”, I’m not sure, but with their skills, I believe they can find you no matter what. I doubt changing your name would do much to discourage them. My daughter, who’s in the publishing field as well, confirmed this. Thus, my additional reasons for keeping my name.

Unfortunately, now that I’ve finally had my first book published, I still feel slightly exposed being out in the public eye a bit more. Whether or not it really would have protected me in some way by using a Pen name, I’m starting to wonder if I should have taken the advice of my author friends and used a name other than my own. I guess I won’t know the answer to this until much later when I see how, if at all, having books out there published with the real me affects me. My hope is that it doesn’t, at least not in a negative way.

Book Review for Harlan Coben’s “Promise Me”

I like this book, and I like Myron. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the Myron series.

I’ve read some of the reviews already here, and it still amazes me that some people write them as if they are the end all and be all of book reviews. First of all, I hate it when someone rehashes the entire plot before they get to their opinion … Waste of time. Second of all, we all need to remember that these reviews are subjective. It’s your opinion, not the only correct answer to 2 x 2.

With that off my chest, I can continue. I FEEL the book was entertaining. It was a fun read and hard to put down. One person wrote that it wasn’t plausible because teenagers wouldn’t run away or go out to a party without telling their parents or something to that effect. LOL! Sorry, but in this case, there is definitely a right and wrong, and you are wrong. Maybe your daughter didn’t do that (mine didn’t either) but yes, many, many, many do. Thinking they do not puts you living in Utopia. I’m not trying to be rude … Just stating fact. Everything Mr. Coben wrote was plausible enough. A fiction book does have to take some liberties … It’s fiction for goodness sake. That’s what makes it fun and interesting–takes us out of our world for a bit. I, personally like that. I don’t need 100% accurate. Again, that may be opinion.

As for the ending, I read the reviews where it said it was a shocker,, total surprise. I guessed it correctly, and not because it was easy to guess. Maybe Mr. Coben and I think alike, or maybe my mind works like a twisted, crazy person … I’d like to think the former. Whatever the case, “Promise Me” was well written, exciting, and the characters very likable, even Myron’s best friend. I hope he’s with him in the other books.

PS if you are a Sci-fy or Dystopian fan, this may not be for you. We should stick to the genre we like, unless we have an open mind or just love it all!